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March 2018

We all live in a cooperative and interdependent society, and our actions will always affect someone else.  When John Donne said in his poem “No man is an island” he was reminding the world that man is a social being that cannot exist without his fellows.  No one can happily be totally self-sufficient and everyone relies on others for a satisfying and fulfilling life.  People need to do more than simply survive.

Illness or even bad weather can mean that some people live for days without any contact with another person.  If illness is debilitating, loneliness can add to this and life becomes much worse.  Through the Legion Welfare work, we often find people estranged from their families, housebound by temporary or even permanent illness or unable to get out because of unfavourable weather or inability to drive.

Recently the Legion has introduced Branch Community Support.  Coin Branch is one of only two Branches in Spain who have, as yet, signed up to be part of this initiative.  BCS, as we will call it, seeks to support beneficiaries no matter what their circumstances in a variety of ways.  When people are brought to our attention we aim to assist.

Firstly, as we have always done, the Coin Branch seeks to make itself known in this area.  Our events are widely advertised so that the community is aware that we are here.

Secondly, Branch members have volunteered to become telephone buddies to be in regular telephone contact with beneficiaries who are isolated or housebound.

Thirdly, volunteers visit ill beneficiaries in their homes or when they are in hospital.

And lastly, support is offered to beneficiaries in times of bereavement.

Although BCSis an initiative to help our ex-service beneficiaries and their dependents, we also try to do it informally amongst our members.  We try to show that we care, that we are part of a community and we all need that social contact to make our lives happy.

We are always keen to recruit other BCS volunteers.  A short training session is involved and references required, then efforts are made to match volunteers with beneficiaries.  It is a wonderful way to give back to the community some thanks for a happy lifestyle of support from family and friends.


Jo Taylor Chairman