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Theme for September 2019
First Place to Kerry - Congratulations!
Second place to Charles - Well done.
Theme for August 2019
Summer in Spain
Loraine, Rosey and Val took equal First Place 
with 4 votes each.
Theme for July 2019
Beautiful Coin

Congratulations to Peter Shephard

for his first place submission with six votes.

Congratulations to Frances Knowles 
for her second place with 3 votes.
Theme for June 2019
Majestic Spain

Congratulations to Loraine Parsons 
for first place with her submission:

Plaza de Espana, Seville.

Congratulations also to 
Brian, Charles and Rosey for equal second place.
Second Place Photographs
Theme for May 2019
Alfresco Food

Congratulations to Brian Parsons
for first place with his submission: 

Good Food with a View.

Congratulations also to
Peter, Lorraine and Rosey for equal second place.

Second Place Photographs

First Competition
Theme for April 2019


Congratulations to Bob Felgate for winning the first monthly competition with his stunning photograph of an amazing orchid.  Congratulations also for second equal to Charles, Loraine and Monique for their incredible photographs.

Well done Bob.

Second Place Photographs