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For all Welfare Assistance please phone: 672 025 756

The Coin Branch Welfare team has a wealth of information and is dedicated to helping where ever and when ever we can.


To be eligible for British Legion welfare support you need to be a beneficiary.  A beneficiary is someone who has served in one of the forces, including the T.A., and who has received a minimum of seven days’ pay.  A beneficiary’s dependent, for example husband, wife or partner is also eligible.

However, the Coin Branch Welfare team may also be able to help non-beneficiaries who just require advice.  The Team are happy to help where they can and direct people to the appropriate agency.  All enquiries and endeavours on your behalf are in TOTAL confidence.


Our Team is;
Welfare and Branch Community

Support Re​presentative / Secretary            Valerie Gardener
Caseworkers                                             Frances Knowles
                                                               Susan Skinner


For Welfare Assistance                               Call 672 025 756
                                                               Emergency call 618 430 763

Branch Community Support Team
Samaritans in Spain 

Samaritans in Spain is an organisation operated by a group of Volunteers. We are available by telephone or email to any English speaker across the whole of Spain and the Islands, of any age, who is experiencing emotional problems of any kind. We are also able to answer emails in Spanish if required.
Samaritans in Spain Listeners are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Freephone 900 525 100